Hi, I'm Hayley!

Welcome to Healthy Hayles, a place for things healthy and aspirational!

I've recently moved to Sydney Australia from Toronto, Canada. It's been a big change and I've already began to notice a difference in the city's approach to health and food.

Now living in the one of the proclaimed top five healthiest cities in the world, I've decided to embark on a adventure to become a more happy and healthy version of myself. 

I'm not on this journey to look for a certain number on the scale. My goal is to find a balance between tasty and healthy eats, incorporate more movement into my life and nourish my body and mind. I hope to find a place where I can feel comfortable in my body, inside and out. 

 Some guidelines for myself

  • No refined sugars or processed foods
  • Eat mindfully (especially dessert ;)
  • Take time to prepare meals in advance, so I'm not turning to takeout last minute
  • Buy organic when possible
  • Eliminate pop or sugary drinks and replace with water

I always find that I'm scoring the internet for simple yet inspirational information, so my goal with Healthy Hayles is to do just that. Have all the information I hope you'll love in one place. You can follow my adventures on Instagram and Facebook too!

I hope you can join me on this adventure for a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.