December Top 5

Summer is in full swing here in Sydney, but it's getting chilly in Canada. So I tried to incorporate some teas to warm you up as well as some new exercise to help you tone that derrière for summer. Here are my December pics...


This stuff is what chai dreams are made of. Prana Chai is handmade in Melbourne and is made with all natural ingredients.

Most of the time when you order a chai latter, you either a syrup or a “flavoured” concoction of chemicals… nothing even close to the authentic masala chai from India, so when I found this and tasted how amazing it was, I was so happy!

It is made by hand daily. The chai ingredients are crushed up (rather than ground, as is often the case) before being pan roasted. Fresh ginger and Australian bushland honey are then mixed in, creating the "wet" chai mixture.

If you don't feel like buying a bag and making yourself, many cafes across Australia serve Prana Chai. If you are in Toronto, yes it has made it's way overseas!! Check out Thor Espresso Bar 

Image: Barre Body

Image: Barre Body


Aussies you are so lucky to have this amazing barre company. Before taking classes at Barre Body I was a little skeptical of the whole barre craze, but it's great on so many levels. What I specifically love about Barre Body is that they have a selection of classes for you to choose from and a wonderful selection of amazing teachers who you can see glowing from teaching what they love.

Classes include Barre Body, Barre Moves, Barre Cardio, Barre Tone and Barre Fit. Make sure you check out their location in the Sydney CBD, absolutely stunning!! Can't rave about these guys enough. 

They have 8 studios across Australia, check them out here



Who doesn't like opening the front door to be greeted with a box full of awesome healthy surprises and treats? Subscription boxes are starting to become more and more popular in Australia.

You can find all sorts from pickle of the month to natural makeup, but Goodnessme Box is perfect for any health/wellness lover wanting to try something new

To get a sense of what you receive, here is what I received in my August box...


This is perhaps the nicest feeling underwear I have ever bought, and I feel good knowing it is eco friendly. 

Bamboo is grown organically, and contains an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bio-agent which is retained through the process of fabrication and after washing many, many times. They are breathable and silky soft. Although a little pricier up front, definitely worth every penny. 

In their mission statement, they state "We aim meet the needs of our environmentally aware and health conscious customers who enjoy affordable luxury that "doesn't cost the earth".

They are sold worldwide! Woohoo! Check them out here, soon you won't be wearing anything else ;)



I attended the Sydney Tea Festival this August and got a chance to try a wonderful selection of Organic Teas. One that truly stood out for me was Bodhi and their awesome selection. Bodhi organics is an Australian purveyor of the finest quality, certified organic, premium herbal teas sourced from organic tea farms here in Australia and around the world.

My favourite being TranquilliTEA. A nice alternative to chamomile which one can get sick of it if you drink it every day. It has a nice subtle sweetness from the licorice and it has valerian in it to relax and help you get to sleep. Insomniacs? This is the tea for you :)


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