Journaling Journey

Ever thought about journaling but were not sure where to start? Or perhaps you are stuck and not sure what to write. Journaling scares me as I think about my thoughts forever living on a piece of paper.  However, I find that if you pursue, the action of journaling will actas a safe place to jot down thoughts and also as a wellness resource (see below).  While many of us may not always find the time to sit down and write, you can always start small with just a few lines or words.

Benefits of Journaling


Expressive writing can help lower anxiety and stress levels.


Journaling about an awesome experience allows your brain to relive it. These entries can become your little catalogue of achievements, documenting your life.


Journaling focuses your attention on the present, away from passivity to actively engage with your thoughts. 


Writing down goals reminds your brain "hey brain, this is important!" and flags relevant opportunities and tools to achieve that goal. 

Journaling Journey Details:


Every Tuesday and Friday morning on Instagram during the month of March, we will be posting one idea for you to write about that day. 

Think about it over the course of the day, and see what comes out when you sit down. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to journal. You can make it one sentence or 100 pages, up to you.  You can feel free to share your answers in the comments or write them down in your personal journal. 

See below for your weekly Journaling tidbit. 

Journaling EntrieS:

Healthy Hayles