March Top 5


Stepping into April, I look back on March as a change month. Spring begins in North America and Autumn begins in Australia. It's a good time to pay attention to the changes in your body and skin as well. I've tried a few new healthier swaps/additions this month and some of them definitely made the March Top 5. 




Not only does this taste delicious, but it's super good for you. It's an awesome addition to smoothies or just add water and have it on it's own. 

The Beauty Chef, an Australian company has created this amazing powder that's made of only natural and organic ingredients meant to nourish and enhance your gorgeous skin from the inside out. Giving you that "glow"

I first tried this in Toronto at Oats and Ivy (listed in my Top 5 Toronto Eats) in their Strawberry Fields Smoothie. 

It has twenty three skin loving super foods and is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids found from fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes; the bioavailability of these ingredients is improved by our unique natural fermentation process.

Check it out here 

2. RectangulaR yoga bolster


I've always struggled finding a rectangular yoga bolster! The cylindrical ones are just easier to come by. I just love this rectangular bolster from Half Moon. They come in two sizes and various patterns. A gorgeous addition to your practice.

It's great for gentle chest opening, provides a little lift for bends and my favourite prop for restorative yoga. 

Check it out here 


I have tried hundreds of teas and can be found with a tea of sorts in with me more than half the time. When I first came to Sydney I heard that they had awesome coffee, but what about the tea??!!!

So I went on a mission and I discovered Rabbit Hole Organic Tea. One of the coolest spaces with an awesome selections of teas. You can dine in, or purchase them to take home. They are located in Redfern, just outside the CBD.

All of their teas are organic, are made in small batches and are amazingly delicious. What more could a girl ask for? Maybe a treat to go with that? Check! A salad? Check!

Just leave me here for the day.....

Check it out here 


4. Nebulizer

Once discovering the nebulizer, I won't go back! It's an awesome way to use aromatherapy while reducing dust and other common allergens. Just add your favourite essential oils of choice and voila! It's heat free, which preserves the integrity of the oil. One of my favourite scents is Rain forest

Each nebulizer has a sensor inside and when the water in the reservoir reaches a certain level, the nebulizer turns off automatically.

These are available for purchase in North America. If you are in Australia, I found an awesome equivalent by Perfect Potion

Check it out here 



I recently downloaded this app and I'm really enjoying it. Sometimes, if I'm feeling anxious, or just need a moment, I'll grab my headphones and choose one of their mediations. It's suitable for all levels, as a beginner I find it great!

It has over 80 guided meditations custom-made for various scenarios. Meditations for Work, Going to Sleep, When Stressed, Travelling, Walking and shown on a calming and easy to understand interface. t also has a solo timer when you want to meditate without guidance

You can download it for ISO and Android here

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