Top 5 Healthy Eats Sydney


I find Sydney a health crazed city. Everywhere I go, there are people running, walking. Fruit stalls are on downtown corners where you would expect to see vending machines. Women walk through the streets in Lorna Lane and Lulu Lemon, sipping on green smoothies... 

Eating eating is plentiful in Sydney. I haven't found a restaurant yet where I couldn't order something "Healthy Hayles" approved ;)

I've spent a lot of time going out of my way to find some of Sydney's healthy and delicious eats. Hope you enjoy my top 5 favourite healthy restaurants in the city. 

1. Earth To Table

Breakfast, Lunch, | GF, DF, V options | Dine In, Takeout | Casual

Earth To Table is a relaxed spot, serving raw and vegan mains. They have an amzing selection of juices, smoothies and desserts. What  sets Earth to Table apart from  other cafes for me are the desserts! They are all, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar–free!

Tip:  Check out their pantry section. It’s packed with delicious goodies including hemp seeds, cacao nibs, goji berries and other cool finds. 

Favourite Item: Green Smoothie Bowl

2. The Brunch Lady 

Breakfast, Lunch, | GF, DF, V options | Takeout | Casual

Gorgeous Gorgeous Salads! When I walk in here, I just want to buy one of everything. Smoothies, hot beverages and lots of yummy and healthy treats! With a gap in the market for a boutique DIY salad bar and reliable canteen to get takeaway healthy food on the go, this amazing café was born.

Tip:  Start a stamp card. Your 10th salad is free!

Favourite Item: Buddah Bowl

3. About Life

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | GF, DF, V options | Dine-in, Takeout | Casual

So many options here! Every time I try something different. Not to mention do a little grocery shopping while I'm at it. There is a dish to cover every dietary requirement and all dishes are locally, ethically and sustainably sourced. Not to mention delicious. 

Tip:  The cafe is open 7am-3pm, however their self-serve food is available until closing.

Favourite Item: Rockie Road Square

4. Bondi Wholefoods 

Breakfast, Lunch, | GF, DF, V options | Takeout | Casual

It's all about health at Bondi Wholefoods. Along with their awesome menu there are snacks, smoothies, tea and coffee all made with the best sustainable, organic ingredients.

Tip:  Sleep in on the weekend, they serve breaky until 3pm 

Favourite Item: Banana Chia Loaf with honey and cashew cream

5. Thr1ve 

Breakfast, Lunch, | GF, DF, V options | Takeout | Casual

Healthy and fast, when I'm in a rush Thr1ve is my go to. All their food is locally and ethically sourced, always gluten free, and no added sugar. 

Tip:  Customize your smoothie with natural or no sweetening. 

Favourite Item: Thriving Bowl

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