My Wellness Guide to Sydney

Sydney! I freaking love you! While living in Sydney for almost a year, I've had the opportunity to find some new healthy places, people and other cool tidbits. Sydney is listed as one of the top ten healthiest regions in the nation and I can see why. Gorgeous weather, so much green space, lots of ways to exercise outdoors. Wether you are living or visiting in Sydney, I hope you can incorporate some of my personal favourite healthy spots! Enjoy


This list could go on forever, but I've tried to narrow it down to the ones I find myself going back again and again... 


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner | GF, Vegan | Sit-in & Takeout | Casual

From the minute you walk in you feel like it's your second home. The food is amazing and focuses on Ayurvedic principles. The menu is fully probiotic and gluten-free offering many options of Indian classics. Not sure what to get? Just ask... Nalini and her crew will help you choose something delicious and nutritious. Make sure you save a room for dessert. 


Breakfast, Lunch, | GF, Vegan options | Dine In, Takeout | Casual

What sets Earth to Table apart from other cafes for me are the desserts! They are all, raw, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar–free! Stop by after a visit to Bondi and enjoy a slice of cake and latte. Yum!





Breakfast, Lunch, | GF, Vegan options | Sit-in & Takeout | Casual

It's all about health at Bondi Wholefoods. Along with their awesome menu there are snacks, smoothies, tea and coffee all made with the best sustainable, organic ingredients. ...Sleep in on the weekend, they serve breaky until 3pm 


Breakfast, Lunch, | GF, Vegan options | Takeout | Casual

Gorgeous Gorgeous Salads! When I walk in here, I just want to buy one of everything. The Brunch Lady is taking salads to next level. Try one of their creative creations or make your own. Affordable prices, wonderful customer service and delicious food.... what more could you ask for. 


Breakfast, Lunch, | GF, Vegan options | Takeout | Casual

This little gem packs a big punch. All vegan salads, smoothies, coffees and snacks. I feel like everything is made with love here. If you are in the CBD you have to check this place out! If you are in Bondi on the weekends, they also have a Mylkbar which has amazing treats.



Beverages, Lunch, Snacks | GF, DF, V options | Sit-in & Takeout | Casual

My favourite place to grab a juice or hot beverage. They have an amazing tea selection and warm healing elixirs, made with your choice of milk. 3 locations across Sydney.



Beverages, Lunch, Snacks |GF, DF, V options | Takeout | Casual

From the creators of the famous Surry Hills Organic Produce restaurant, comes O Superfoods. I dream of these smoothies! My favourite morning smoothie is The Hulk and you can add as little or as much extra protein as you want. 



So many options here! Not to mention do a little grocery shopping while I'm at it. There are groceries to cover every dietary requirement and most products are locally sourced. They also have a cafe and self-serve food area if you need a bite while you shop. 


There is nothing better than fresh food straight from the farm. All locally grown fruit and veggies, fresh flowers and can be found around Sydney. Everleigh is probably the largest in the city, but Bondi and North Sydney are my top pics. 


My favourite place to buy in bulk and waste free grocery shopping at its best. They support boutique suppliers and let you bring in your own containers or buy theirs. Wonderful customer service and lots of locations. 


There is definitely no lack of places to walk, bike, hike, jog.... you name it in Sydney. Wanna work out indoors? No problem either, the city has many amazing options. Here are a few of my faves.


If you love any of the following... ballet, barre, yoga or pilates, you will LOVE Barre Body. The teachers here really love what they do and they have a variety of class types and times to choose from. There are three studios across Sydney but my favourite one is downtown in the CBD, it is just gorgeous! All the equipment and mats are ready and waiting for you, so no need to lug around any unnecessary stuff.


This is probably the most beautiful walk I have ever done. It's a short, spectacular coastal trail along epic sandstone cliffs, but if you want to add some kilometers you can continue to Coogge. The sunny costal views inspire and lighten the soul. Watching the waves crash against the beaches is so calming. Lovely photo opportunities and great path for walking or jogging. 


Don't get me wrong, I love my traditional yoga practise, but if you want to try something new, Urban Yoga offers classes with a cool view, with high def images of nature and animals play on the screen at the front of class. Instructors are awesome and make sure you enjoy a delicious tea (from Orchard St) before you head out. 

   Bondi to Bronte Costal Walk

   Bondi to Bronte Costal Walk