Yoga Music

Does music have a place in the yoga studio?  I find many of my fellow yogis ask this question and with so many opinions about the use of music in yoga class, I think the answer comes down to personal preference and how it will impact your practise. A friend of mine once told me this....

Without any music during practise, I find there is still a sort of "music." Your breath, your heart beat, the natural elements in and outside the studio. Sometimes music can be emotive or distracting and mask these sounds that help us be more in tune with ourselves.

For me, it depends on my mood, but I prefer to have some soft instrumental music during my shavasana or meditation time. I'm always on the hunt to find more music to add to my collection for my yoga practise or meditation. 

Some of my favourite songs available on Youtube:


  1. MC Yogi - Shanti (Peace Out)
  2. Snatam Kaur - Ong Namo
  3. Marconi Union - Weightless
  4. Luke Abbott - Modern Driveway
  5. Eraldo Bernocchi - Don't Go Where I Can't Find You
  6. DJ Drez - Nectar Drop
  7. ODESZA - Today


  1. Random Rab - Lace
  2. Emancipator - Dusk to Dawn
  3. Chinmaya Dunster - Purnima Namashkar
  4. Livewire - Oh Wonder

If you have Spotify, you can check out my Yoga playlist below: 

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